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Wolf Run 2 Slot Machine

Slot Machine Wolf Run

Probably the first thing to hit you when you see the new version for the first time is the fact that it has transmissive reels, rather than a regular display. For those that don’t know, the transmissive reels give a 3D feel to the screen, so icons can leap out at you when you hit a winning line

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The free Run with the Wolves Quad Shot slot is one of the wildest slots in the series, as you would expect from the name. It will come as no surprise that this top slot features the wolf as the star of the show. The mysterious looking mystic blue wolf prowls the reels of the slot, offering up some pretty impressive payouts on the 25 payline. Out of all the follow-up slots I have been most excited to play, Wolf Run has to be one of the most memorable. Unfortunately, when I got to play the game I was really disappointed.

Wolf Run 2 Slots No Deposit

New features are numerous, but there are not so many that it makes you feel like you are playing a new game. One new feature is the bonus feature game, something that was noticeable in it’s absence in the first version

The bonus feature game in wolf run 2 is a classic pick and choose. You keep picking the bonus symbols (which give you prizes) until you hit a losing icon at which stage the game ends. A nice addition to the game.

Wolf Run 2 still has a free spin bonus game. Whereas the original gave you a 5 free spin minimum, the new version gives out 10.

Other new features include random wilds, which appear very much in the way WMS’ flying monkey bonus works. You never know how many wild icons will be given, it could be just one or it could be the entire screen (prepare to celebrate!).

Stacked wilds still feature and as with the first version, this is where big wins can occur, when you get a few columns of wilds in a row.

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Overall, this is a good new version of one of the most popular games in Vegas. If you are a fan of the original you will more than likely enjoy this new version with it’s extra new features.

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